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Door Replacement

Affordable Door Replacement Oahu Suppliers

Its time to plan how you plan on using your new door all material makes a difference you must also, factor in your personal style and budget.

Installing residential doors and windows in Honolulu Hawaii is how Pro Handyman Oahu gets five-star ratings and handyman review scores,” it’s very important to hire a professional door handyman certified with Lowes to get top results,” providing excellent quality carpentry craftsmanship wooden doors millwork is a top priority.

Durable and versatile, a wood door complements any home. It’s heavy, secure, dent resistant and repairs easily.

Our average door sizes range from 27 by 80, 28 by 80, 30 by 80, 32 by 80, 34 by 80, 36 by 80 and our building door start at 36 by 90 and 36 by 80 all solidcore and fire code rated.

Secure, durable and affordable. Steel doors are low maintenance, weather resistant and can be painted to look like wood.

Our instore wholesale door inventory door suppliers offer low-cost wooden doors with any door replacement service order,” we not only supply door material in Oahu,” we install all types of wooden doors, as well as door fabrication services onsite.” our Honolulu door millworks carpentry shop, is very convenient for making door modification like mortise lock replacement and doorknob replacement and knob installation.

We also provide apartment building door replacement made from solid-core materials,” we offer birch, and solid mahogany door supplies as well as building door locks and custom door knobs.

Every door and door knob repair varies from one to the other,” moreover not all door locks are made the same way” making repairs much more difficult for doing it your self-repairs.

Hers a detailed punch list id door services offered on Oahu

  • Residential doors
  • Light Commercial Doors
  • Build Doors
  • Glass Doors
  • Hollowcore Doors
  • Solidcore Doors
  • Fire Rated Doors
  • Property Inspection Approved Fire Rated Doors
  • Metal Doors
  • Mediumcore Doors
  • Painted and Primed Doors
  • Primed Doors
  • Mirror Doors
  • Concept® Custom
  • Performance Series® Upgrades
  • Nantucket® Collection
  • Mastermark® Collection
  • Artist Collection®
  • Craftsman Collection
  • Bungalow Series®
  • Builder’s Advantage® Series
  • Selects Series
  • Traditional Exterior Doors
  • Exterior Barn Doors
  • Contemporary Exterior Doors
  • Exterior French & Sash Doors
  • Interior
  • Interior Panel & Bifold Doors
  • Interior Barn Doors
  • Interior French Doors
  • Redi-Prime® Doors
  • MDF Interior Doors
  • Bravo Stile and Rail MDF Doors
  • Infinity MDF Doors
  • Ovation MDF Doors
  • Encore® LDF Doors
  • Fire-Rated Doors
  • Exterior Door
  • Front Entry Doors
    Patio Doors
    Storm Doors
    Screen Doors
    Security Doors
    Pet Doors
    Commercial Doors
    Cellar Doors
    Shop by Front
    Door Configuration
    Single Door
    Single w/ Sidelites
    Double Door
    Shop by Front Door Sizes (in.)
    30 x 80
    32 x 80
    34 x 80
    36 x 80
    60 x 80
    64 x 80
    72 x 80
    Door Hardware
    & Accessories
    Doors Knobs & Hardware
    Door Flashing
    Door Accessories

Weather resistant, secure and tough. Paint it any color or finish in faux-wood. Great for high traffic entrances,

The types of wooden door replacement services we offer varies from type of wood to door manufactures in Hawaii and the mainland USA,” given the time shipping cost for out of stock doors very

 NOTE: Although individual prices may vary according to finish and manufacturer, keyed locks often cost less than high-tech electronic locksElectronic Door LocksElectronic locks provide security and convenience.

Keyed Door Knobs. Keyed Door LeversKeyed DeadboltsKeyed Handlesets. Door Hardware Finishes

All our door frames are made out of wood and the panels out of timber, plywood, block board, hardboard, designs can be made on the panels, thereby making such door quite decorative.


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