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False Emergency In Honolulu Hawaii

Today was an amazing outcome, we’re talking about the false emergency alert that involved ballistic missile threats coming from Korea and other nations around us, because we live in the United States ballistic missile Warfare and testing is definitely a threat.

Thousands of local residents in Honolulu Hawaii or awaken when their emergency alert system on their cell phones went off with an alert saying that there was a ballistic missile threat to Hawaii please go for Higher Grounds immediately, an immediate blast emergency alert counter was put out by the Hawaii bulletin that said it was definitely false alert please don’t be scared and do not pay any attention to it, this is the type of things we go through when we deal with social media and people scamming internet with Internet threats at a high varsity we need to understand how important it is to stay together and social media.

We live in the in the u h Manoa area and it was definitely scary when we saw the alert early this morning at 7:30 a.m., it woke us all up and got us really scared because that is no fun and no game to ever think about a nuclear war coming to Hawaii and us being a Target.

Especially For You H Manoa residence they all got the alert on their cell phones and definitely were very scared because of their families that live back home on the main line, let’s stick together and not let this happen anymore, if you see these type of threats immediately contact nine-one-one emergency HPD phone number Lulu Police Department for further details and information.



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