Review: Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P 39-Piece Pink General Tool Set

There are many hardy, good quality tool sets that you can purchase to use around your home. But not all of those sets are appealing to the eye. Some are quite unattractive. Not all of the tool sets that you can buy donate some of the profit to organizations that search for cures for cancer. However, the Apollo Precision Tools DT9706P 39-Piece Pink General Tool Set is certainly eye catching and a portion of the sales is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Not only do these tools look good but they have the performance to back it up as well. Each tool is at or above the ANSI level for tools. The tools are corrosion resistant, which means they’ll fight rusting and wear and tear. You get to keep everything in one place, too. Each one of these tools sits in a place within the molded case that protects them. This also means that they’re always available right where you know to find them when you need to use a tool. This tool set has all the basic items that you’re going to need to handle jobs around your home. What a lot of men and women like about this tool set too is that the handles of the tools are fashioned in an eye-catching pink color. This keeps his-and-her tools from getting mixed up. It also makes the tools easier to spot when you’re looking for them. Since the color stands out, if someone borrows your tool, it’ll be easy to see what tool is yours when it’s mixed with theirs. In this set, you’ll get a tape measure that’s twelve feet in length. This is the perfect length for measuring the dimension of a room. But it’s also handy for measuring a wall when you want to hang a picture or for telling whether or not a piece of furniture will fit into an area. A hammer is included in this kit. This sturdy tool has the claw end, which is useful for removing nails from boards or walls. Pliers are included in the kit. There are eight SAE hex keys in the kit along with scissors that are eight inches in length. A handy ratchet bit driver comes with these tools. You’ll receive an assortment of bits in the most popular sizes. You also get a handy 18 mm knife that’s useful for cutting an assortment of things around your house. This kit has four screwdrivers that can be used for a variety of house projects. It’s always helpful to have different sizes in screwdrivers because there are always those projects that need a size that’s smaller or larger.


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